LRB Bar Manager.

My face is splattered  with cognac and cherry heering, my white shirt is spotted with orange juice, my left foot is splashing in something sticky, probably a barback who spilled something. I look up and hear “3 drink specials Red Satin(Cognac, Cherry Heering, Orange Juice, Champagne, Lemon Peel $15 each)” I smile and respond “Sure […]

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Imbibing Beethoven

I sit, I read, I write, I listen, I see, I think. This is the start of my Monday, I enter the doors of Little Red Bistro I sit at a nearby table, I pull out my book[s], I open my notebook, I hear Beethoven, I look at my surroundings and I start to contemplate. […]

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This blog follows the journey from a bartender’s [Thomas Bondesson] view’s on being amongst  a cast of borderline insane, but definitely nerd crazed guys and girl.