Suntory time

Whisky, Chainsaws, ice, and Bartenders. What could go wrong.

For relaxing times, make it Suntory time” – Bill Murray, Lost in Translation (2008)

This past Saturday I was invited to go to Mistral Kitchen with the WSBG

Before we begin I would like to thank Andrew Friedman, Andrew Bohrer, Zane Harris and Gardner Dunn for the invite.

Suntory has image in America for its melon liqueur known as Midori. Well the times are changing and with those times our cocktails are changing, Suntory is starting to make a huge impact in America with their Yamazaki Single Malt Whisky, This is mainly due to the work of Gardner Dunn, North American Brand Ambassador for Suntory Whisky. For more information about Japanese Whisky please check out Nonjatta.

When I heard about two guys ordering in 300 pound ice blocks to slice and dice with a chainsaw, skill-saw, booze and food, I knew I had to get involved! After getting roughly 4 hours of sleep I woke up around 9 and walked down to the Mistral Kitchen, After walking around aimlessly trying to find the damn door Andrew Bohrer lead me in. As we assembled a problem appeared, The loading dock door was locked and the only guy with the key wasnt around, so we had to wait. It wasnt much of a big deal for me because on our walk over to the local coffee shop I got to pick Zane Harris’s(Co owner of Rob Roy)  brain a little and listen to him talk about the importance of great customer service and fresh ingredients.

A few hours later and a few cups of coffee later the gate-keeper along with the ice truck arrive and it’s down to business.  Before things get going a convoy of twenty-some bartenders show up along with backpacks full of Whisky..

After some introductions and speeches it’s time to make the first cut of the ice, followed by the first cheers(or I shall say kompi) for this event. Once Zane finished cutting a few blocks Andrew Bohrer takes the blocks to the back and uses a skill-saw to trim the pieces down and make perfect squares, these are then given to us along with some Yamazaki ice picks, we were instructed to carve them into a round ball to fit in our cocktail glass, this quickly became a race to give an excuse for trying more whisky, this time with slow melting fresh carved ice.

It wasnt long before our creations hit a brick wall. You see Bartenders walk a thin line between Artists and Misfits, our cocktails are our art, but unlike Artists we like to destroy or consume our arts, So like the black sheep that we are, we carved the perfect ice balls to be soaked and downed with whisky followed by being hurled at a brick wall with an alcohol infused throwing contest. Thanks for the Whisky, Thanks for the Sushi, thanks for the Sore arm. Can’t wait for this Wednesday.

 Three Sincere Kompi’s

Thomas “Scofflaw” Bondesson

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