LRB Bar Manager.

My face is splattered  with cognac and cherry heering, my white shirt is spotted with orange juice, my left foot is splashing in something sticky, probably a barback who spilled something.

I look up and hear “3 drink specials Red Satin(Cognac, Cherry Heering, Orange Juice, Champagne, Lemon Peel $15 each)” I smile and respond “Sure thing mate” pull my tools out, grab my shakers, start to measure, pour, shake, strain, fill with champagne top with lemon peel. He looks back at me and say’s “3 more no make it 6 more.”

My mise en place is set up and I start again, Measure, pour, shake, strain, BAM drink list comes in for the server’s, I have 3 more to make and have a line of 4 customers waiting to order, I have a server drink order to make. My smile fades my head turns I start dishing it out one after another in my mind I am thinking to myself “3 Red Satins, 1 Vodka Martini, 2 Vodka Sodas, 1 Blood & Sand, and a Income Tax” Constantly measuring, pouring, shaking, stirring, straining, topping, garnishing and reminding my self not to forget the servers drink ticket.

I’m making head way and on my last drink, I have a cut on my hand and every lime that gets squeeze remind me that the cut is still there. I am constantly thinking “Don’t forget the server’s ticket, don’t forget the server’s ticket, DON’T FORGET THE SERVERS TICKET” then my head start wandering, I am getting near done with this list. I start planning my next drink and once again my head is thinking “Don’t forget the servers ticket, I wish I had better ice, damn that guy has nice shoes, don’t forget the servers ticket, these runway models are pretty nice, don’t forget the servers ticket, wonder where he got his shoes, I just bought new shoes, can’t wait to wear them, Sav got new shoes also and they look sexy, wonder what movies playing I haven’t been to the movies in awhile, Mid Summer nigh dream is playing at the Theater maybe Sav and I will wear our new shoes and go to it.” I finish my last drink, put it on his tab, wipe my hand, shake his hand, relax, smile and look down. Fuck I forgot the servers ticket!

Welcome to my life, a small glimpse of life behind the stick, I ended this night with 2 oz’s of Ardbeg and the bullshit sun rising. It’s a hard life, but a life I have decided to stay with.  I walked in LRB as a guest and ended up walking out as the new bar manager. It’s been a lot of working trying to make LRB into a place where people can sit down and have some great food and drinks. I sleep for about 4 hours a day and I am always at or thinking about work, my last day off was about a month ago when I first started working here, but I wouldn’t want to have it any other way..

I just released the first ever cocktail menu for LRB, it features 15 classic cocktails at 8 dollars a piece and 7 house cocktails all based on the different deadly sins with names inspired from the works of Tom Waits at 12 dollars a piece. I am working on getting the pictures uploaded to put on the blog.

So thats my life. I work, I drink, I write, and I love it..


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